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Speed Up Information Flow, Access, and Control with Content Services

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has introduced very stringent regulations on how aircraft maintenance and service records, as well as technical manuals and related documents, are stored, accessed, retained, and destroyed. Typically, these paper and electronic documents move through an organization manually and land in file cabinets at an off-site storage facility. As a result, information is unavailable, inefficient, and ineffective.

OnBase™ ECM and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE™ from Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT) provide organizations with the ability to electronically capture data and documents, manage, route, track, retain, and destroy documents based on both government regulations and unique policies. The information is available to as many people or as few people as required, answers are instantaneous, versions are constant across the organization, and business processes are accelerated with the same number of employees.

IoT Smart Connected GraphicWith IoT Smart Connected Scanning solutions from Alaris, a Kodak Alaris business powered by CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE.  In just under 5 minutes, you can deploy a full-featured data and document solution that captures all your various types of documents and pushes them into your business processes through the convenience of a button-driven end-user experience.

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Human Capital & Staff Credentialing

Silhouettes and puzzleReduce Time Spent By HR On Manual, Paper-Based Tasks.
The A&D industry requires tremendous diligence in managing employee certifications, training, and education. Little-known yet updated regulations lapsed certifications, and incomplete records can result in unreliable data that puts the organization at risk financially.

Human Resources solutions equip organizations to effectively manage the entire employee lifecycle—streamlining HR processes, improving compliance, and providing better employee service. By capturing all documents electronically, HR departments reduce time spent on manual, paper-based tasks. Personnel access key documents and information directly from their familiar business application or device, enabling them to drive processes forward.

With digital storage and granular access controls, OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ ensure that confidential employee information is secure. OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ from IDT integrates with your Human Resources Information System (HRIS), your HR employees can easily and instantly access both prospective and current employee documents and information directly from within the HRIS. They never have to leave the system. And they may never realize they are working inside ECM solutions from OnBase.

Human Resources—especially in a Shared Services environment—is charged with the responsibility of equipping organizations to effectively manage entire Human Capital lifecycles, streamlining HR business processes, improving compliance, and providing better employee services. Use the document and employee management services from IDT to capture and organize the plethora of documents electronically. OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ solutions create a single repository with a range of features, including:

  • Online applications for employees to self-serve and upload certification documents, test results, and logs
  • Comprehensive reports that highlight missing requirements
  • The ability to manage multiple layers of provisions for each position within the organization, as well as variances based on geography, seniority, etc.

Additionally, OnBase™ and CAPSYS CAPTURE™ from IDT can integrate with your current credentialing system to provide the power of both platforms and allow you to further leverage your technology investment.

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