Before You Buy

Business ConsultationThe Requirements Analysis becomes the foundation of how your Content Services and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system is ultimately designed. Because you will be using the Content Services solution to capture, manage and ultimately handle all of your vital company records, intellectual property, and customer or vendor files, the effort is worthwhile.

Aspects of Our Content Services Requirements Analysis Services

Consider the following aspects of a Content Services Requirements Analysis services delivered by Integrated Document Technologies, Inc. (IDT) to help you prepare your company to commit to the right system such as OnBase™ by Hyland and CAPSYS CAPTURE ONLINE™ for your ECM needs, and to minimize delays or inadequacies down the road:

  • Identify what you need and why
  • Confirm the budget and evaluate ROI
  • Prepare a cost/benefit example
  • Understand and document your technical infrastructure
  • Identify technical features: Do you need imaging? ECM? ERM? BPM? Non-alterable media? Integration?
  • Internet capabilities? Etc.
  • Identify and differentiate between data and document capture, content management, business process automation, integration, and infrastructure requirements
  • Further separate those requirements into hardware and software categories and identify the associated vendors with each category
  • Prepare questions for each product vendor
  • Identify an integrator needed to pull the entire solution together and support it
  • Consider product interoperability, flexibility, and scalability to adapt to future growth
  • Plan the time required for development, testing, QA, training and implementation
  • Plan for the extended time needed to deal with any legal, regulatory, compliance, or corporate governance issues
  • Expect, plan, and budget for recurring costs for upgrades, maintenance, support, consulting services, legal, regulatory, compliance, corporate governance revisions that need to be translated into a functional application, expansion, and integration.

Remember, ECM is not a “get it and forget it” appliance purchase. You are entering into a perpetual relationship with the software vendor and integration partner. Choose the right partner.

Download and read “Choosing an ECM Solution” to learn more.

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